Look who's back!

I know, two whole months since an update! :0

Ive been a busy boy!!


just endless good news folks! the amount of wood i should be touching right now is equivicant to kneeling at a pew! so heres some shots from the audio project!

wait to you see it those sweethearts breathe and move to sound!


In other good news: I did that thing where I build an entire website for a cause and deliver it without wreaking their heads. It has been recieved very well! And it was 4x times the size of the last time! You'll hear about it all in due time hopefully!


97% Recovered ๐Ÿ˜Ž



Thanks for all the candles folks!


An 85% chance of a full HDD recovery, keep lighting those candles lads!

Here's where the below project ended up going once we peared it back significantly. Lovely gas planet style pieces, this is just a screengrab though. Full thing pulses and such, you'll see em eventually


Just to update you all, we're doing surgery data recovery on a grape my HDD. Mein Projects! #Pray4Me. In the meantime here's something:

it's audio reactive and the audio didn't record so suck it! You can't hear it but it's a tropical downpour. The big react is a thunderstrike.


Yano while I'm at it, might as well move everything off the old host, slรกn Blacknight!


Alright we're gonna do this properly. Step 1. Setup a git and the ci/cd from a save locally to here.


Ok, ok, I'll add something other than the ability to watch the seconds of your life slowly slip away. Jeez, ye're impatient.